How to Create an Account

Create an account on the FinanceGPT website and verify it via email.

Getting Started
Login to your Account

After verifying your account, return to FinanceGPT. Login with email and password to access account.

Getting Started
Subscription Packages Offered by FinanceGPT

FinanceGPT has four subscription packages: Financial analyst explorer, Investment research explorer, Financial manager pro and investment manager pro

Robot-consultants on FinanceGPT

Explore FinanceGPT's AI-powered chatbots: Sima, Suzy, Nomu, Yonde, Mike, and Wethu

FinanceGPT's Financial Analysis Tools

Financial analysis tools give access to balance sheet analysis, cash flow analysis, credit analysis, liquidity analysis, profit and loss analysis and valuation analysis tools.

Analysis Tools
FinanceGPT and EquityGPT's Investment Research Tools

Gives access to equity research, exchange rate analysis, stock price analysis and technical equity analysis tools.

Research Tools
Enhance Your Financial Reports with FinanceGPT's Quality Assurance Feature

FinanceGPT's quality assurance feature ensures accurate and credible financial reports by involving industry experts for thorough reviews.

Quality Assurance
Steps on how to use FinanceGPT's Client Management Function

Portfolio and asset managers invite their clients to sign up through the platform.

Client Management
Why use FinanceGPT's Client Management Function?

It allows portfolio and asset managers to invite their clients to sign up thus giving them access to their portfolios' performance promoting transparency.

Client Management
FinanceGPT's Investment Management Tools

Efficient portfolio management, real-time valuation, performance insights, optimized recommendations, tailored financial planning, all-in-one platform, expert advice, user-friendly interface.

Investment Management

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