Subscription Packages Offered by FinanceGPT

On the dashboard, there are various features offered by FinanceGPT. The table below shows different packages with the features that users have access to in those packages as well as their prices. 



Analyst Explorer


Research Explorer

Financial Manager ProInvestment Manager Pro
Basic Financial AnalysisBasic Financial AnalysisBasic Financial AnalysisBasic Financial Analysis
 Financial AnalysisFinancial AnalysisFinancial Analysis
 Investment ResearchInvestment ResearchInvestmentResearch
 Financial ChatbotsFinancial ChatbotsFinancial Chatbots
 Custom ToolsCustom ToolsCustom Tools
 Data ExportData ExportData Export
  Financial Data ManagementFinancial Data Management
  Advanced Financial AnalysisAdvanced Financial Analysis
  Scenario AnalysisScenario Analysis
   Asset and Portfolio Analysis
   Financial Plan Analysis

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